the debate to change my url is ongoing. >.<

on the one hand, i love this url because it gives many people an opportunity to see “women” represented in a non hyper-sexualized content. “If you don’t see a role model, make one for yourself.” There are plenty of media outlets telling girls they need to be anorexic models with dead eyes to be acceptable. It’s also telling them that their worth lies in how they look and how much their body/prettiness is accepted by society. Well screw that! You can be happy, confident, and empowered any way you fucking like! That’s what this blog originally started as.

Meanwhile, as my own gender identity is explored, I find sooo many badass people living their lives in the same description as above, yet are not girl identified. Myself included.

For now, follow my other blog for lots of queer positive, feminist, and cat posts.

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